Crowdfunding – Companies and Concepts in the German-speaking Area

Crowdfunding is still little known in Germany and the entire German-speaking area? In its infancy? Not visible? From a temporal point of view, these statements apply. Attention to the concept is still low in Germany. As we have already mentioned in our first article on crowdfunding, this state is changing, it is increasingly reported by well-known editorial staff on the subject.

Crowdfunding companies start through

Crowdfunding companies start through

But while journalists and other external observers are still discussing whether crowdfunding has a future in Germany, many entrepreneurs have already taken action and are actively shaping a German crowdfunding market. We have looked at this market and indeed: at least eleven. Different crowdfunding companies have been founded and are actively working to establish crowdfunding in this country as well.

Crowdfunding portals already paint a colorful image of the German-speaking scene

Crowdfunding portals already paint a colorful image of the German-speaking scene

Even if the basic principle of crowdfunding is the same for all platforms (the mass “crowd” funds projects “funding”), the different target groups and approaches of the portals already paint a colorful picture of the German-speaking crowdfunding scene. As our infographic shows, existing companies can be divided into four areas, depending on the type of projects financed.

Crowdfunding for startups

Crowdfunding for startups

Company founders are given the opportunity to have their startup financed by crowdfunding at the German platform and the platforms and from Switzerland as an alternative to classic venture capital.

Crowdfunding for creative and culture

However, the largest number of German-speaking crowdfunding companies are active in the area of ​​”creative and culture”. Artists, musicians, inventors and visionaries with creative ideas will find capital here for projects., and are all within this group of crowdfunding companies and want to offer all creative platforms with access to private financiers. goes one step further in specialization and focuses on the financing of musical projects – here fans invest in their favorite music. Also specializes in a certain type of projects and positions itself as a financing platform independent journalism.

Crowdfunding for all types of projects

All types of projects can be funded through, and These three platforms follow the approach of “being there for everyone” and are correspondingly broad. Whether charitable organization or private person – here everyone has the opportunity to present his project.

Objective: Comprehensive picture of the German crowdfunding scene

As you can see, despite crowdfunding’s young developmental stage in German-speaking countries, there is already a broad base of companies that want to establish crowdfunding as a serious factor in the German financial landscape. With our overview, we try to bring a little more light into the darkness of the current scene and to help young, ambitious companies to gain more attention.

In the next week we will therefore give the opportunity to briefly outline the concept and objectives of your company. So you have the opportunity to see and understand all the different companies and concepts of German-speaking crowdfunding in an unprecedented overview.

The overview provided here will certainly change over the next few months as additional companies start up. Supports us to create the most complete and up-to-date picture of crowdfunding in Germany – If we have not yet considered a platform, just tell us the missing company and we will complete our infographic.

You find this overview interesting and wish the presented company more attention? Then help us get more attention to the goal of the scene and also show your friends and acquaintances what companies are on the market. 

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