Personal loans to the consumer

If you need money to buy something, personal consumer loans are a good option. Its good conditions allow to enjoy a whim without having to wait. For example, buy a television, a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, or take a vacation trip.

Personal loans for consumption

Personal loans for consumption

Why give up a little whim when we can finance it ?. Nowadays there are many offers, both in consumer products and in tourist services. In the latter there are many options, from organized trips, to low cost flights and hotels, passing luxury cruises.

The offers reach all sectors and every time there are cheaper prices, and the commercial centers and specialized stores like Media Markt or Ikea are more and more numerous. Before the only option was the department stores like Corner Kickes, which provided credit cards so that their customers could finance their purchases and pay in installments. But today there are many more options, although not all provide credit cards for their customers. So if we want to take advantage of the offers and discounts on products and services, the best option is personal loans for consumption. That is to say those whose objective is to buy televisions, tablets, smartphones, or cars. The tastes of consumers have been changing over the years, and now the consumer spends more money.

In fact, families have gone from spending on basic needs such as food and housing, to spending on less basic products and services. What has resulted in an increase personal loans to consumption. Technological advances have also led to the demand for products such as computers, which are becoming smaller and, thanks to the development of the Internet, have caused more and more devices in families.

In fact, consumption has increased in computer and technology products, while they have been reduced in leisure due to the economic crisis. That is, consumers go out and travel less, but nevertheless buy more electronic devices to use at home and at work. These computer products usually have a price of around 300 euros for smaller devices, up to more than 1000 euros for products such as televisions, and passing computers and tablets with prices around 500 euros. Amounts of money that sometimes have to be financed with mini credits or personal loans for consumption, since some stores do not offer a card to finance the purchase. So if you find an offer you do not have to wait to save the money you need.

The best online consumer loans

The best online consumer loans

Take advantage of the discount by requesting personal loans or mini credits to finance the purchase and thus start enjoying the product or service. In any case, having financing for consumption depends a lot on the life cycle of each person. That is to say, from the age of 30 – 35, consumption is reduced because the budget is used more for the family or the purchase of a home. While for those under 30 it is more important to spend money on leisure: trips, restaurants, bars, clothes, etc. However, in adulthood and spending 50 years is usually more money to have children at ages where they are more economically independent. So you have two options if you want to spend your money on whims: wait until you have enough money even if it’s 50 years old, or finance purchases. And for the smaller expenses we have several financing options.

  • The bank card : it will depend on the type of client we are, because nowadays it is complicated to have a credit card from a bank. In fact, banks usually give debit cards, that is, those that depend on the available balance in the bank’s account. For the best clients, banks usually grant credit cards, whose limit does not usually exceed 1000 euros. A quantity of money more than enough to buy many of the most demanded products. However, it may be insufficient for certain expenses such as cruise trips. In any case, the problem with credit cards is that they usually have a very short payment period, usually less than 30 days. So credit cards are not usually an adequate consumer financing solution.
  • Store credit cards : such as department stores like Corner Kickes or specialty stores like Ikea. That allow you to buy your products in installments, but that involve meeting certain requirements for the granting of the credit card.
  • Save : it will depend on the moment of our life in which we are, because as life goes by we will have more savings. Which means having to postpone our dreams and desires until we have enough money. Why work if then we can not give ourselves a whim, taking advantage of discounts and consumer offers ?. So you can not let the opportunities slip by the fact that you need time to save more. Saving only makes sense for high expenses that will occur in the future, such as buying a house or saving money for retirement.

Fulfilling your dreams is at your fingertips with the online SMS Credit Comparator, the best way to find personal loans for consumption in the best conditions. The SMS Credit team searches and analyzes the information of hundreds of loan websites, so that you, through our online comparator, can choose the consumer credit that best suits your needs. And thus be able to buy all kinds of products and services paid in comfortable monthly installments, according to the term in months in which you want to return the consumer loan.

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